How to Sign Into Your Slack Account: A Step-by-Step Guide

Signing into your Slack account is simple, whether you’re using a web browser, desktop application, or mobile app, and even if your organization supports Single Sign-On (SSO). This guide covers all the methods to ensure you can access your workspace effortlessly.

Signing into Slack via Web Browser or Desktop App

Open Slack Application or Browser:

If you have the Slack desktop app installed, open it, or use any web browser to navigate to

Enter Your Email Address:

Type your work email into the provided field and continue.

Receive and Enter Confirmation Code:

Check your email for a confirmation code from Slack, then enter this code on the Slack login page to proceed.

Join Workspace:

If invited to a workspace, click ‘Join’ next to the workspace’s name on your Slack launch page.

Sign in with Email or SSO:

If your organization uses Single Sign-On, you might need to authenticate through your company’s SSO provider. Otherwise, proceed by clicking ‘Sign in with Email’.

Sign into Slack via Mobile App

Download and open the Slack app. Install the Slack app from your device’s app store (iOS or Android) and open it if you haven’t already.

Tap “Sign In”:

Tap the “Sign In” button on the startup screen.

Enter Your Email Address:

Provide the email associated with your Slack account.


You will receive a confirmation code via email. Enter this code in the app to log in.

Access Your Workspaces:

Once logged in, you can view and join available workspaces linked to your email.

Using Single Sign-On (SSO)

SSO Option:

On the Slack sign-in page, whether on desktop or mobile, select the ‘SSO sign in’ option if available.

Enter Your Email Address:

Provide your email address and click ‘Continue’.

SSO Authentication:

You will be redirected to your organization’s SSO login page. Enter your credentials here.

Complete Sign-In:

After authentication, you will be redirected back to Slack and logged into your workspace.

Tips for Smooth Access

  • Remember your workspace URL: Keep a record of your workspace URL for easy access.
  • Manage your passwords: Use a password manager to securely store and retrieve your Slack credentials.
  • Stay updated: Regularly update your Slack app to the latest version for optimal performance and security features.

By following these detailed steps, you can sign into your Slack account with ease on any device. This guide ensures you stay connected with your team and on top of your collaborative projects, utilizing all convenient sign-in methods available, including SSO.

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