How To Add Fonts to Google Docs (4 Steps)

While Google Docs doesn’t allow uploading custom fonts directly, you can expand your font repertoire using the extensive library of Google Fonts available within the app. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

1. Open the “More Fonts” window

In your Google Doc, click on the Font dropdown menu in the toolbar.

At the top of the expanded menu, click on the “More fonts” button.

2. Browse and choose fonts

The “More fonts” window will display a large library of Google Fonts. You can browse through them by scrolling or use the search bar at the top to find specific fonts.

To narrow down your choices, you can use the filters available above the font list. These filters allow you to categorize fonts by language, style, and other attributes.

Click on any font to see a preview of it in different sizes and styles.

3. Add your new selected fonts to your collection

Click the checkmark icon next to a font to add it to your personal collection of fonts. The font will move to the “My Fonts” section on the right side of the window.

You can add as many fonts as you like to your collection.

4. Use your added Google Doc fonts

Once you’ve added some fonts, close the “More fonts” window.

Back in your document, click on the Font dropdown menu again.

You’ll now see your added fonts listed alongside the default fonts.

Select any of your added fonts from the list to apply it to your text.

Bonus tip:

If you use certain fonts frequently, you can pin them to the top of the font list for quick access. Just hover over the font in the “My Fonts” section and click on the pin icon that appears.

How Tettra Can Turn Your Google Docs into a Knowledge Base

Tettra is a better fit for knowledge management than Google Drive because it is specifically designed for this purpose. It has a number of features that make it well-suited for storing, organizing, and sharing knowledge.

  • A centralized, internal knowledge base: Tettra provides a single place where all of your company’s knowledge can be stored and accessed. This makes it easy for employees to find the information they need, no matter where it is located.
  • A powerful search function: Tettra’s search function is very powerful, allowing users to find information quickly and easily. It can search for text, keywords, and even phrases.
  • Collaboration tools: Tettra makes it easy for multiple people to collaborate on knowledge. Users can comment on entries, suggest edits, and approve changes.
  • Embed Google Drive right inside of Tettra: Work on a Google Doc even outside of Google Drive when you integrate with Tettra.
  • Reporting and analytics: Tettra provides detailed reports and analytics on how your knowledge base is being used. This information can be used to improve the knowledge base and make it more valuable to your employees.
  • Verification & updates: Stale content? Tettra will let you know what content needs to be updated. This can be assigned and verified by an expert.

Tettra can also work with Google Drive to provide a more comprehensive knowledge management solution.

For example, you can link Google Drive documents to Tettra entries, so that users can access them directly from the knowledge base. You can also use Tettra to create a wiki for your Google Drive documents.

Want more information about Google Docs?

If you are looking for a knowledge management solution that is easy to use, powerful, and scalable, then Tettra is a great option.

It can help you to improve communication, collaboration, and productivity within your organization.