How To Add Columns in Google Docs (Step-by-Step Guide)

Struggling to organize information side-by-side in your Google Doc? This guide will unveil the secrets of adding columns, taking your documents from basic to brilliant in just a few clicks. 

While Google Docs doesn’t have a built-in feature for side-by-side text columns like in a newspaper, you can achieve a similar look using the “Columns” function.

1. Select the Text

Open your Google Doc and identify the text you want to format into columns. Click and drag your cursor to highlight the entire section.

2. Access the Columns Menu

Navigate to the top menu bar and click on “Format.” A dropdown menu will appear.

3. Choose the Number of Columns

Within the “Format” menu, hover over “Columns.” You’ll see a submenu with different column options (e.g., 2 columns, 3 columns). Select the number of columns you want for your text.

4. Fine-tune the Formatting (Optional):

If you’d like more control over the layout, choose “More options” at the bottom of the “Columns” submenu. This opens a new window with settings for:

  • Number of columns: Here, you can adjust the number if you changed your mind.
  • Spacing: This controls the gap between the columns.
  • Line balancing: This affects how text fills the columns.

5. Apply the Formatting

Once you’re happy with the settings, click “Apply” in the “More options” window (or simply the number of columns you chose in step 3).

Your selected text will now be formatted into the specified number of columns.

Bonus Tip:

You can create separate sections with different column layouts by inserting section breaks before applying the “Columns” function. This allows for more flexibility in your document design.

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